Car Wash Services

Each step up adds more to your wash.

$10.00 – Regular Car Wash

  • Undercarriage
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Poly Sealant
$12.00 – Silver Wash

  • Foam Polish Conditioner
$15.00 – Gold Wash

  • Wheel Bright
$18.00 – Platinum Wash

  • Clear Coat Protection
  • Triple Foam Polish

Monday – Thursday
Manager’s Special

Platinum Wash


  • Inhibits rust from forming
  • Rinses harmful road salt away
  • Helps keep moving parts clean to minimize wear
Wheel Bright

  • Removes harmful brake dust from wheels
  • Helps remove dirt from rotors and brake pads
  • Leave your wheels with a shine
Foam Polish Conditioners

  • Enhances paint finish and repels water
  • Has a pleasing fragrance that will make the interior smell good from the vehicles vents
Clearcoat Protection

  • Seals the clear coat finish from harmful dirt and light acid rain
  • Has a pleasant fragrance